My Work

Intermediary services

I am trained as a Registered Intermediary through the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) at City Law School, London. I have completes the Intermediary for Justice Family court Intermediary training.


Registered Intermediary

A Registered Intermediary’s role is to support effective communication with a vulnerable witness enabling them to participate effectively in the criminal justice system. The function of an intermediary for a witness is set out in section 29(2) of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act (YJCEA) 1999: ‘The function of an intermediary is to communicate— (a) to the witness, questions put to the witness, and (b) to any person asking such questions, the answers given by the witness in reply to them, and to explain such questions or answers so far as necessary to enable them to be understood by the witness or person in question.’ (The Advocates Gateway 2015, Toolkit 16: Intermediaries Step by Step)
Kerrie has experience of supporting adult and child witness with:

• Autistic Spectrum Disorder
• Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder
• Learning Difficulties
• Dysfluency
• Neurological Disabilities e.g. Cerebral Palsy
• Dyslexia; Dyspraxia; Dysarthria

As a Registered Intermediary I work alongside police officers prior to and during the Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) interview. I complete a detailed assessment of the vulnerable witness’s communication skills. She provides written advice and recommendations on how best to communicate with a witness and facilitates their communication during the interview.
If the case is accepted for trial by CPS Kerrie will attend the Ground Rules Hearing; be present during a court familiarisation visit; assists advocates in the in the re wording of any questions that the vulnerable witness will have difficulty, without altering the meaning; advises advocates about how to communicate with the witness, be in attendance during the trial.
Kerrie has experience of Section 28 hearings and supporting victims of serious crimes including: attempted murder, child sexual exploitation, rape, kidnap, assault and fraud.


If you from the Police or CPS and require a Registered Intermediary for an assessment of a vulnerable victim’s or witness’s communication you need to contact:


NCA Specialist Operations Centre
Witness Intermediary Team
Wyboston Lakes
Great North Road
MK44 3KY

Tel: 0845 000 5463

Speech and Language Therapy Services


I am a specialist Speech and Language Therapist who has worked both in the NHS and independently. She has worked with children aged 0-19 who have Speech, Language and Communication difficulties (SLCN) including speech sound disorders, delayed speech, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Special Educational needs (SEN) and learning difficulties.

I have worked in multidisciplinary teams liaising with Educational Psychologists, Paediatricians and teachers to gather information to inform diagnosis and plan therapeutic intervention.


I can offer comprehensive assessment of communication which will be unique to the needs of the client. 


Typically, assessment will include:


  • Informal observations

  • Formal assessment if appropriate

  • Discussion with education staff in your child’s school or nursery.

  • Discussion with parents/carers.

  • Liaison with other professionals



Assessment can take place at home or in an educational setting (or a combination of both) depending on your child’s needs.




If indicated I can devise a holistic programme of intervention for communication. This may be at school, home or a combination of the two. 

I can advise and demonstrate various communication approaches for caregivers to work on at home.